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* Advertising banners and pre-consumer waste

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Back in the loop

We give textiles from the hotel industry a second life. The discarded materials are thus returned to the cycle – for an appreciative use of our resources.

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High-quality. Locally made. Fair.

Upcycling means that no product in the ZURÜCK Zero Waste Shop looks identical. Small mistakes and color deviations are special characteristics of their unique life. Among other companies based in Germany, we work with Caritas companies where people also get a second chance.

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Material that has already had a life cycle has a significantly better ecological footprint than new material.

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Upcycling made in Germany

The products from the ZURÜCK Zero Waste Shop are also sustainable because they are produced in the region. Less CO2 consumption through regional processing.

Cooperation with Trigon

“Around 300.00 tonnes of used clothes are burned or buried in landfill each year.” Greenpeace

Therefore we created a unique design concept by using used hotel clothes of high quality. This reduces waste and CO2 emission. Thank you Trigon to join the movement of #Upcycling.

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